Authentic Lebanese Cuisine

Zahr El-Laymoun, or literally translated orange blossom, is an oriental kitchen and grill café that serves the best in traditional Lebanese Cuisine, thus evoking a profound sense of authenticity and goodness through its exquisite taste and aesthetics. Offering simple yet dainty dishes, Zahr El-Laymoun pleases even the most selective food connoisseur with a wide selection of hot and cold mezzes, potatoes, salads, grilled and baked Lebanese dishes seasoned with natural herbs, oriental spices and nuts as well as a mouthwatering selection of delicious arabic desserts, and freshly squeezed juices and sharabs. Opening its doors in 2009, Zahr El-Laymoun has become the epicenter for healthy oriental dishes in Dubai. Following this success, Zahr El-Laymoun Sharjah opened at Al Majaz Waterfront in July 2012, achieving equal success as its sibling branch in Dubai.

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Driven by our passion for outstanding service and premium food, we bring exquisite brands from abroad to create added value to the multicultural environment of the region, and indulge our clients in a 'wow' factor on all possible levels. Our excellence in performance is upheld by our supremely high standards in operation modes, quality, service, and value.

We believe that our team and staff are core assets to our company. Our training and personal development practices reflect a culture of rewarding success, nurturing personal development and professional competencies, which leads to sustained business results. As a company, we also believe in teamwork to reach our vision and target; as such a supportive team environment is integrated into all our outlets and support functions. 


Homemade Levantine Frosties

Inspired from fruity and fun childhood memories full with playful times in narrow village streets, running after the famous two-wheel ice cream cart, Bouza serves traditional Lebanese ice cream with freshness and gaiety. Tucked in a trapezoidal cone, the authentic, handmade frosties, will take you on a joy ride to the green land of snowy mountains and changing seasons.

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Beirut Street Food

Beirut Street Food... in Dubai! Welcome to FILFUL!

Experience the flavors of authentic Lebanese food from the streets of Beirut! filful is a brand inspired and stirred out from those popular people whom love to eat the appetizing old Lebanese and common Beiruti food, which is referred to as "akel el sha3bi"!

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